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Sensual Alchemy

A Free Online activation enhancing your

Self Love Rituals

March 19 - 21

Renew Your Self Care Rituals so you can
Give from Overflow!

Revive your sense of self love & care for your body, mind & spirit.

Register for this FREE 3 day Healing Activation with Powerful Priestesses and Healers.  Receive potent wisdom of gentle daily practices to inspire a powerful connection to awaken each of your 5 senses.  As you journey through the gateways of each sense you will cultivate your deep feminine life force within, maximize your time & increase your energy with valuable tools to anchor in embodied awareness to your most authentic Self.


We will:

Reclaim wholeness,

Restore inner peace,

Increase inspiration


Rewire your Self worth, creative energy, and abundance! 

So that you can begin to unwind patterns like:

  • over giving and overdoing from an imbalanced masculine frequency 

  • scarcity thinking

  • running on empty and feeling depleted

  • rushing from one thing to the next while leaving your self love last

This is a live event. 

Recordings will be available for free in the Sensual Alchemy Group Page until March 27th.


You may purchase LIFETIME ACCESS to the Recordings for only $22!


Receive a Private Womb Clearing + Rejuvenation Ceremony

on March 21st at 3 - 4:30 pm PST! 

(Valued at $222!)

 (Early Bird Pricing until the ceremony begins on March 21st)


You will receive:

3 Sessions of Healing, Inspiration, Connection, & Renewal!

Session 1

March 19: 12 - 2 pm PST

Session 2

March 20: 12 - 1:30 pm PST

Exploring Sight & Smell

Honing our senses with daily practices provides openings for greater depth and attunement to the unseen realms.  Our guest speakers will share some inspiration around their journeys with strengthening intuition and using that for empowerment and healing.  

Session 3

March 21: 12 - 1:30 PST

Healing with Sound

Sound is such a powerful force of creation that can impact and inform our movements.  The more aware and intentional we become with our presence, attunement and listening, the greater opening we have to access our life force, intuition, and balance in all our relations.  

Taste & Touch

We deepen the activation through guided practices to cultivate deeper connection to Self through sacred food and touch.   Opening the gateways to deeper relaxation and pleasure.  

Guided Rituals 

Elixir Recipes

Divine Feminine Healing 

Inner Renewal



Value: $597 Free

Meet Your Alchemy Goddess Guides

Angelina headshot.png
Aea headshot (1).png

Hosted by Donica Tomko
certified Womb priestess &

holistic health coach

Hi Goddess! 


I'm so glad you're here.  You've made it to a safe haven.  A divine moment in time to give yourself full permission to unwind and focus on your self care


Sensual Alchemy is a gateway into the Temple of Inner Renewal.  I believe it is everyone's birthright to live a life they love and to feel amazing in your body.  With daily devotion to ourselves, we build our life force energy so that we can give from overflow rather than depletion and burnout.  

I understand how busy life gets and it becomes all too easy to put your self care rituals on the back burner.  Let's alchemize that together, in sisterhood.   With 3 days of rituals you can do in 20 min or less!


These are some of my core personal favorite methods to activate and connect to sensory awareness, restore balance to my nervous system, and recenter my focus to support creative work flow.


I used to experience painful periods, terrible back pain, acne and anxiety due to patterns of over doing and over giving without filling my own cup first.  I used to work in masculine overdrive and at the core believe I wasn't worthy of my own love.  Now I've transformed all of that with over 20 years of transformation and devotion to my health and self care rituals.

I'm excited to share some of the juiciness with you!  

join the Sensual Alchemy Experience...

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