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Equilibrium is a leading edge, life-enhancing, holistic wellness program for people who are ready for a nutritional and lifestyle makeover using nature’s most powerful supplements and keys to longevity and happiness.

Let me help you transform your quality of life and relationship to food!  

We begin with an initial booking of a 12 session package which can run for 3-6 months depending on your timing, availability, and desired pace.  Book a clarity call with the button at the bottom of the page to discuss details and pricing.



If you are sick and tired of the same old issues that keep resurfacing, year after year, season after season - you’ve tried everything under the sun but can’t seem to make lasting changes in your health, emotional state, ability to endure life’s unexpected changes, hormone balance, or maintain your ideal weight…


But deep down you know there must be a way to a healthier, happier, more empowered You… then EQUILIBRIUM is for you.










I help women & men:  Parents, Leaders, Visionaries, Healers, Priestesses and Change makers.  Many suffer from fatigue and overwhelm, hormone imbalances, unhealthy food cravings and poor digestion.  They want effective support & guidance so that they can experience life to the fullest & get back to focusing on what they do best.


Many people are realizing that the current health care system is focused on creating disease and putting people on pharmaceuticals rather than healing. 


It's time to take your power back. 


Take better care of yourself to prevent disease. 

Have you been spiraling in confusion and self-doubt

and desire support moving forward with clarity about what’s best for your body/mind/spirit? 


Looking for some motivation to stay committed to experiencing lasting change? 


Here it is!



Powerful strategies to balance and elevate your mind, body, and emotions to new levels of health and happiness!


Take a deep breath. 


I know you crave deep fulfillment and total satisfaction…


You contemplate the person you sometimes are or used to be - happy, vibrant, empowered, healthy, and full of energy to take on the world.  Or maybe you’ve never fully experienced that level of freedom and feel a calling to do so.  You’re inspired to be a role model of health and well-being to your family and friends.  Yet life has thrown you out of balance.


You have been giving more than receiving.  You have been caring for others more than yourself.  You’ve lost touch with what it is your body is trying to tell you with all the anxiety, aches & pains, food cravings, and emotional downward spirals.  


You wonder when will you be able to look in the mirror at yourself and love all that you see.  Every curve, line, and memory stored within your body.  


In short:


You want nothing more than to look in the mirror and love who you see, feel amazing in your body, happy & motivated to be consistent with your health and nutritional routines.  You want TOTAL BALANCE!


You Desire:


Full empowerment in your health and well being

Freedom from stuck, long-held energies in your body and mind


To dissolve the self-destruct button of going back to the old ways


Cleanse and purge repressed emotions from childhood


Cultivate more compassion for yourself and others


Fill your body with the best nutritional supplements, foods, & thoughts ever


Cultivate peak health and higher levels of energy, focus, & performance


Balance weight


Balance your hormones


Have clear radiant skin


And most of all:


Renewed passion, joy, and enthusiasm for a life where everyone around you benefits from you being healthy ~ your family, children, & the next 7 generations.


The problem is:


You’re overwhelmed and scattered trying to do it all yourself and you know it’s time to say goodbye to that last unhealthy food item you keep craving and discover how vibrant, uplifted, and peaceful you can become! 


Maybe you:


Keep craving certain foods that feel satisfying for a moment then quickly make you feel depressed?


Keep hoping that your problems will disappear magically if you ignore them?


Wonder if you’ll ever be able to stay balanced, peaceful, and strong when life gets tough?


Worry that you’ll lose friends and family by making healthy changes in your life?


Wish that you could carve out time for a daily meditation practice to connect to Spirit?


Worry that you’ll never be able to be fully happy and at peace with yourself and your life?


If you feel out of balance in your mind, body, and emotions; and blocked from your true Enlightened & Empowered Self, it’s time for change.


Let’s set your health up for

Total Balance.




You don’t have to keep worrying about everything all the time! 

You no longer need to stress about your nutrition, weight, or self image!




I’m here to assist with unlocking your full potential and finding balance in your mind, body, and spirit!



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