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Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program

Shift to a healthy eating lifestyle to reverse dis-ease & feel great!

  • 12 hr
  • $2222 for 8 sessions
  • Online Session

Service Description

The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program with help you understand what foods are best for your body so that you can feel confident around food anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to fad dieting and feeling down with imbalanced digestion. You will experience eating in a way that properly nourishes your body for peak performance, mental clarity, opened intuition and energy. You will feel more empowered, at ease and become a beacon of health for your family and community. H.E.L.P. is founded on the principles of food as medicine. It will help you eat in a way that is balanced and wholesome, disrupts disease, and supports your vitality for life. Recipes will be adapted to suit your flavor profile and food preferences. This program is for you if you: struggle with your relationship to food, creating healthy meals, emotional eating, PCOS, painful menstrual cycles, weight issues, or mood imbalances. I have helped people with various symptoms, diseases, and dietary preference from the foundational principles of this program. Holistic Eating Academy will support your breakthrough into living a naturally balanced and healthy life! In 8 sessions you'll be amazed by the transformations you experience.

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