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I'm Donica, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Medical Intuitive, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, & Priestess of Isis.  I have been on the path of conscious Spiritual Development and Soul Illumination for most of my life. 


My awakening began around the age of 13, when I decided to take my health into my own hands and taught myself how to cook.  Growing up in the age of processed and fast food took a toll on my health early on.  I dealt with all kinds of health issues from depression, gut imbalance, acne, and back pain.  I learned early on that the western medical system does not have all the answers or solutions as I rarely found any that helped heal on a deeper level. 

As I evolved and began to understand more about the world, myself, and how to heal trauma, my abilities to assist others on their path to healing evolved and strengthened.  On a very real and experiential level I am able to understand and empathize with other's pain and problems and see pathways to natural healing and resolution.  

I thank Goddess for the deeper awakenings that have informed my journey into becoming an embodied soul, healer, woman.  In deepest devotion I offer my services to uplift, inspire, and empower other women on their journey to embodied radiant wellness.  

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