Hi!  I'm Donica -

Holistic Praticitioner & Energy Healer


I help people achieve balance in their beings so they can live a healthy, empowered, happy life. 

I am certified in Holistic Nutrition, Theta Healing, Ayurveda Education, Reiki, Lomi Lomi Massage, Living Foods Chef, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Ordained High Priestess of the Black Swan Temple of Isis. 


I understand on a very deep level the way energy moves and works through the chakra system and meridians.  I am highly skilled at shifting mind states, limiting beliefs, and performing energy healings at a distance. 


Your happiness and health means the world to me.  Together, we will unlock the doors to your pathway to success, creativity, power, and love.   


You will ditch the cravings and stories that inspire them.  


You will find your mind and every cell in your body pulsating with positive, uplifting energy.  We will reprogram your system with transformational codes for longevity and health.  


You will make the long needed shifts you’ve been needing to make but haven’t fully made yet.  

Let’s face it.  In today’s world there are major epidemics at hand.  What once appeared to be advancements in society, have now become tech information overload.  We have higher levels of demands being placed on us by society, our jobs, our families, and often times ourselves.  For many, this means higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, and so much more.  With so many health experts and gurus sharing what they endorse, I know how difficult it can be to figure out what’s best.  
  • Who to trust when you need to speak with someone about deeply personal information?  

  • Where to go when you need support and you need it now?

  • What to do when your health is challenged?

  • Which foods and supplements to buy for the best quality and value?  


I totally understand because I’ve been there too.  Once upon a time, I had no idea where to start.  From a young age, I experienced a variety of health challenges.  Fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, imbalanced hormones, fluctuating weight, acne, pain in my body, sore stiff joints… and I was only 20!  I knew I was way too young to have so many ailments and began to do a lot of self inquiry.  I asked friends + read self help books and magazines.  When all of that didn’t fix my problems, I finally went to see a naturopath.  I found out that I had food allergies and sensitivities.  I had a sneaky suspicion but deep down didn’t really want to give up all the foods that helped suppress the intense emotions. 

That critical piece of information jump started my path to healing.

On the outside most everything looked good.  Except for the acne that no dermatologist or skin care product could fix; or the layer of fat that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I exercised or dieted.  On the inside, I knew that I needed to make some big changes or else I would be doomed living a mediocre life forever.  


So I have spent the last 18 years learning, studying, practicing, and implementing all the ways to bring about health, happiness, and balance to my internal being.  Once I finally got over the unhealthy food addictions, cravings, comparing myself to others, depression, and anxiety; and started fully adopting health strategies, my life began to change - inside and out.


Fast Forward to Today



  • Buy the healthiest organic food products and supplements on the market

  • Quickly heal, restore, and balance my body, mind, & emotions

  • Feed and nourish my Spirit daily through spiritual practice

  • Make the healthiest food choices everywhere I go, no matter what

  • Have control over my mind and emotions instead of being dictated by them

  • Maintain a beautiful state of happiness and equilibrium no matter how crazy life gets

  • Surround myself with nurturing, positive, uplifting people, projects, and situations

  • Take time out for myself to rest when I need to.





  • Because I want the world to be filled with thriving, healthy people to co-create an amazing future for the next 7 generations.

  • Because You’re Worth It.

  • Because I love seeing people succeed inside and out.

  • Because the world needs you in all your glory - shining, vibrant, VICTORIOUS!

  • Because our children need this.


I see the future you now…

  • Excited to get out of bed in the morning 

  • Knowing what your body and mind need to feel your best, strongest, most empowered version of yourself

  • Awake and aware, using your mind as a tool for further expansion, learning, and service

  • Glowing and shining and beaming happily at yourself when you look in the mirror

  • Loving your life, the food you eat, and all your relations

  • In Tune with your Highest Self, vibrating healing frequencies of love for the benefit of all.


Most people think it’s really difficult to make food and lifestyle changes.


So, they don’t do anything long enough to experience long-term results.  


Here’s the thing: their mindset is holding them back!  Once they start to see the slightest bit of results, they succumb to the patterns they are trying to change.  

They start thinking…

“I know it’s not healthy, but it tastes so good.”

“If I change then my whole family will have to change.  I don’t want to inconvenience anybody.”

“I’m good.  I don’t really need to keep doing this.”


Luckily, this isn’t you!  I know you’re still reading this because you are ready for healthy changes in your diet, your mood, and your overall quality of life.


You deserve ultimate health and happiness!


Let’s Do This!


You’re ready.


I don’t want to see more beautiful souls staying stuck in the pits of sadness, stress, overwhelm, or paying thousands in doctors visits or even worse, surgeries.  


So I put together EQUILIBRIUM!

If you feel out of balance in your mind, body, and emotions; and blocked from your true enlightened empowered Self, it’s time for change.


Let’s set your health up for Total Balance.



"Donica has brought incredible healing, nurturing, and transformative energy to my life in many ways over the years. My sessions with her when I was recovering from a traumatic birth and c-section stand out as profound during that time in my life. My sessions with her released trauma from my body and brought in a new light, which helped me stabilize my mental and emotional wellbeing. Those sessions with Donica were truly miraculous. In addition, her nutritional consulting and guidance has been exceptional. I have high standards for nutrition to be a high vibe, and she beats them. If you’re considering working with Donica - congrats, you hit the jackpot."

—Lindsay B., Research Scientist

"I had the privilege of having Donica as my nutritional health coach for 6 weeks. She is one of the sweetest and most genuine individuals that I have ever met. One of the biggest challenges being a vegetarian was variety and making food flavorful. Donica made the experience easy and fun for someone like me with no experience to follow. I felt so good and full of energy every day since working with her. Thank you for teaching me a healthier and tastier way to eat. I have found new respect and appreciation in planning and prepping my food."

—Angelina C., CMT, Reiki Healer

"Before I met Donica I was struggling with eating foods that would help cleanse my body and making good food choices. I found Donica's coaching sessions to be very supportive, loving and helpful. I love her holistic approach to eating healthier. Working with Donica has helped me approach food as medicine and to infuse love and prayers into my food.

—Carol Z., Yogini

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