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I help you create balance and peace in your body, mind & spirit!

As a multidimensional healer, holistic nutrition coach, womb priestess & chef I am an expert at navigating many pathways to health.  
My goal is to support you in overcoming the challenges and obstacles that have been preventing you from being the healthiest version of yourself.   I support you with a holistic framework that clarifies what areas of your life need adjusting to support your mental & gut health, happiness, productivity, relationships, fertility & creative life force energy.

Why are you here?


Holistic Food Transformation

1:1 Health Coaching Program Adapted to Your Needs & Goals:

  • End Emotional Eating & Unhealthy Cravings

  • Love Your Body

  • Detox Protocols

  • Food Preparation Tips

  • Recipes

  • Emotional & Spiritual Healing

  • Support with Lasting Habit Change & Mindset Shifts

  • Hormone Balance


Womb & Energy Healing Sessions

I hold space for deep release of past pain, trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, childhood wounding & ancestral karma.  

In order to clear space for balanced emotions & hormones, attracting your highest desires, vibrant womb health and relationship fulfillment.

This type of healing is appropriate for all genders.  Sometimes it can even be pleasurable!


Catering & Personal Chef

I specialize in catering to special diets and healing protocols.  I also support the elevation of your event to next level health!

  • I travel to cater private events and healing retreats.

  • I can come to your home to prepare wholesome meals for you and your family.

  • I can deliver nourishing organic meals to clients in the Bay Area, CA.

Are you ready to cultivate your 
 Radiant Health?


Experience a pleasure -filled relationship with your body and food



Your whole self.  Alchemize shadows & limiting beliefs into your strength & power.

Reclaim your divine innocence, joy, & creative spark.  Feel more confident and fulfilled in your day to day relationship with food & self care rituals.

I am here to support you in meeting your goals & being pleasantly surprised with new possibilities.


To help you live a vibrant turned on life that you love! 
To serve as your loving witness, guide, and accountability to you nourishing your body, mind, & spirit.  
I will assist you in releasing that which is no longer serving your highest and best.  Elevating your consciousness. 
So that you can become the lighthouse you were born to be.  
Serving your community, nurturing your family, thriving in your business, and feeling the freedom that comes with living in alignment with your soul.

You're here because it's time!
For true transformation.
For the healing of this and past lifetimes.

Many people who come to me have experienced chronic illness for many years, and went to many doctors trying to figure out what's wrong; yet find themselves struggling to find relief.  

I'll show you the way to activate your body's innate healing intelligence, naturally.  Utilizing holistic methods.  
Uniquely designed to go at just the right pace for your integration.     



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