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Create Balance & 
In Your
Body Temple 


embody your Divinity.  Embrace your feminine cycles.  live with Love.


I'm Donica 

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Soul Healer, and Priestess of Isis. 
If you are seeking balance and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit, with more ease and flow, you've come to the right place! 

I am passionate about helping women bring balance to their body temple. 
From healing their relationship with food, balancing hormones, releasing traumas of the past, upgrading the energies within the heart, mind and womb. 

I intuitively use my gifts and tools that I've gathered over the last 18 years to bring uplifting energies and divine restoration to awakening souls.  Working with the healing frequencies of the Magdalene Rose, Archangels, Well Ancestors, and Soul Guides.  Purifying and restoring all systems in the body and mind to the original divine blueprint.  Providing a clear access and anchor for spiritual awakening and soul empowerment.

Many people who come to me have been experiencing chronic illness for many years, have gone to many doctors trying to figure out what's wrong, yet find themselves struggling to truly heal and graduate to another experience of living.  I'm here to uplift, inspire, and show you the way to lasting transformation and healing through a holistic framework designed to go at just the right pace for you to integrate and handle. 

In my Equilibrium Mentorship you can expect to receive wisdom & offerings around:

Digestive Health 

Cleansing & Detoxification 

Gut Repair

Healthy Eating Lifestyle 

Delicious Recipes

Anti-inflammatory & Gut Balancing

Shifting Your Relationship to Food 

Stop Emotional Eating 

 Cooking with Pleasure


Hormone Balance 

Healthy Period Flow 

Moon Cycle Rituals & Recipes

The Power of Presence 

Meditation Practices

Cultivating Inner Peace 

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Destress & Relaxation

Divine Feminine Awakening

Becoming Your Own Healer

Self Love


Deepening Your Heart + Womb Connection

Embodying Your True Self

Igniting Your Wild Feminine Essence

The Stars

Soul Sessions Support You With:

Inner Child Healing
Releasing Trauma From This Lifetime & Past Lifetimes
DNA Healing & Repair
Generational Karma Clearing
Ancestral Clearing
Connecting to Your Well Ancestors
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides
Releasing Patterns & Habits That Are No Longer Serving
Relationship Healing
Heart Healing



Currently I work with people in a 1:1 way.

Although I have templates of timing and prices to work with me, each journey is customized on an individual need.  This ensures my clients to receive the best possible experience, support, and methods needed for your unique healing journey.  Schedule a discovery call to set up a time to connect.  



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"Donica has brought incredible healing, nurturing, and transformative energy to my life in many ways over the years. My sessions with her when I was recovering from a traumatic birth and c-section stand out as profound during that time in my life. My sessions with her released trauma from my body and brought in a new light, which helped me stabilize my mental and emotional wellbeing. Those sessions with Donica were truly miraculous. In addition, her nutritional consulting and guidance has been exceptional. I have high standards for nutrition to be a high vibe, and she beats them. If you’re considering working with Donica - congrats, you hit the jackpot."

—Lindsay B., Research Scientist

"I had the privilege of having Donica as my nutritional health coach. She is one of the sweetest and most genuine individuals that I have ever met. One of the biggest challenges being a vegetarian was variety and making food flavorful. Donica made the experience easy and fun for someone like me with no experience to follow. I felt so good and full of energy every day since working with her. Thank you for teaching me a healthier and tastier way to eat. I have found new respect and appreciation in planning and prepping my food."

—Angelina C., CMT, Reiki Healer
"Before I met Donica I was struggling with eating foods that would help cleanse my body and making good food choices. I found Donica's coaching sessions to be very supportive, loving and helpful. I love her holistic approach to eating healthier. Working with Donica has helped me approach food as medicine and to infuse love and prayers into my food.

—Carol Z., Yogini

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