90 day healing journey restoring your digestion & hormone balance

  • 20 hours
  • $2250 for 9 sessions
  • Online Zoom or Phone

Service Description

You desire peak performance, waking up feeling energized, steady mood and energy levels throughout the day, confidence in the kitchen & knowing what your body needs to feel grounded, stabilized, and in control. You want to feel pain free in your body and attuned to your hormone cycles. Perhaps you are experiencing digestive and mood imbalances. Feeling groggy, tired and using caffeine to get through the day - then crashing right after work. Causing you to miss out on precious time with loved ones or creative projects. Maybe you have back pain pelvic pain, and excruciating menstrual cycles that lay you out of commission for days. We will shift all of this and bring balance and ease into your menstrual cycle, your body and your mind. Whether you have PCOS, fibroids, fatigue, or struggle with your weight... I can help! Even if you've been experiencing this issue for a long time. We'll quickly uncover the root cause and guide you into a more deeply nourished and balanced life. Equilibrium will help you restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit. All of your senses will awaken as you go through my method to gently clear away what's no longer serving you. Your intuition will heighten as you make quantum leaps in making lasting habit changes. The journey is set up for 9 sessions over 90 days. You get to decide how fast or slow you want to pace this time together. This makes it easy to fit into your schedule. We can meet once a week, every other week, or 3 times per month. To see a full list of topics we cover, check out the Equilibrium page on my website! We will perform each session via zoom or phone. Each session will last 90 min - 2 hours. It's helpful to have plenty of space to get into your parasympathetic nervous system and receive deeper healing. In every session we'll set a sacred space to support a deep dive healing process. We'll talk about how you're progressing with taking action, what your next steps are, and have space for subconscious healing to uproot stubborn patterns and limiting beliefs. You will leave each session feeling relaxed, centered, grounded, confident, and ready to make moves towards embodying your highest self. Bonuses Include: ~ Tailored recipes to your unique dietary needs. ~ Additional handouts to support deeper integration. I look forward to supporting you in achieving vibrant health and living your ideal life!

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